Vodka manufacturing


Vodka manufacturing

Vodka manufacturing

Vodka is being manufactured by the fermentation and later on by the distillation of sugars obtained from musts of cereals or from plant material.

Vodka can be produced from grain, grapes, potatoes, molasses, sugar beet, and all other varieties of plants and agricultural raw materials. The Rye and wheat are historically the cereals used the most for vodka.

Most of the Russian vodkas are manufactured from wheat, while in Poland, rather they are manufactured from wort of rye. The Swedish and Baltic distillers mostly make use wheat mash. The potatoes are more and more neglected by Russians Distillers, but remain held in high esteem by some of their counterparts in Polish.

The molasses, a binder, is a sweet residue from sugar. It is widely used for the cheap brands, producing vodka in large volumes. The French distillers, just as the Americans, use the full range of basic ingredients. Among which the grapes for example, used for the production of Cobalte vodka.

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